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About Renascience

Get to know us better


Renascience Pharma is a UK based pharmaceutical company specialising in the revival of medicinal products for the benefit of patients across the globe.


At Renascience, we are actively seeking the development of medicines and healthcare solutions globally that have the ability to prevent, treat or cure conditions and diseases.



We work hard to discover medicines, irrespective of their current place in therapies and improving them for the betterment of health.


We take pride in breathing new lease of life into forgotten medicines and remedies. Through this, we aim to meet patients’ needs in the 21st century.


Convergence of diverse expertise



The concept of Renascience started out in a London cafe where the paths of the Renascience team members crossed. As individuals, we have enjoyed successful track records in our respective fields of expertise. However, we all felt that there is more to be done to meet the unmet needs of individual patients with quality medicinal products.

We aimed to address this need by applying science and discovering more medicines to bridge current gaps in therapeutics.

Unified by the same vision; Renascience Pharma was founded.



We are at an exciting chapter of Renascience where we are ready to leverage our knowledge, experience and expertise to make a difference for patients.

Are you ready to join us to Revive Science & Restore Health?


Dedicated to Discovery


Renascience management team have in excess of 50 years of combined experience across pharmaceutical industry and healthcare.



We have been consistently delivering results in the following areas:


  • Clinical & Medical consultation and stewardship

  • Regulatory & Quality Assurance (ensuring Quality in Design)

  • Bench top to patient development

  • Licensing global medicines and healthcare products

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Distribution


Sharing is Caring



At Renascience we are committed to be a responsible corporation in terms of how we contribute to the wide community and the environment around us. We pledge to use resources that we have to make a real and sustainable difference to the community and environment around us.

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